Letter to the Vulture funds and the international monetary fund

As an Argentine Citizen who has lived in this country for 53 years, I have repeatedly seen both the international monetary fund and the Vulture funds named for their desire to earn money regardless of the health and well-being of people have made this country agreeing with the corrupt politician on duty a disaster again and again every 10 years always being the same party the justicialista party the one that has to pay all the cost and the disaster that make the right-wing parties.

I cannot understand the lack of humanity that these funds that are dedicated to making money at any cost have, nor can I understand the meaning of American thought, although the kings of freedom proclaim the only thing they do is oppress peoples either through wars. that now they are outdated or the famous called Lawfer very fashionable in these times especially in Latin America

I ask myself and he asked them, wouldn’t it be fairer and we would all be better if we also do well and we could produce more things so that you get even richer, but still basically generate a virtuous circle where everyone wins and not a negative cycle where only one wins and the others suffer the consequences at the end of the road anyone who can think a little beyond their selfishness

You will realize that the second way the path of the virtuous circle is the way where you will put more people on earth in humane and non-subhuman conditions, particularly I believe that money generates satisfaction I am not one of those who think that money is not worth nothing but it is up to satisfaction it has to be shared eye At different levels nobody is asking the United States to stop being the world power which is simply that they understand that we are not the breadbasket of the world that we also want to industrialize and be able to sell valued material added and not just raw material.

Griesa amparo a los fondos Buitres en el 2001

Hoy Estados Unidos tiene la oportunidad ante las economías emergentes de quedar realmente como el Salvador de todos estos pueblos para toda la vida y no tener esa nefasta reputación de gobierno opresor avasallante que coarta las libertades individuales de las personas que destruye sus derechos y que sólo le importa su país y su gente sin importar el resto porque éste coronavirus dejó más que claro que a veces el dinero no sirve para nada la ciudad de Nueva York tuvo un claro mensaje de la naturaleza haciéndole saber que los humanos estamos haciendo las cosas mal y somos perfectamente prescindibles en este mundo hoy nos avisó infectando a un cuarto de la población humana si no se toma registro de esto y se cambia la forma en la cual se distribuye las riquezas siendo más solidarios no sé si la próxima será también una enseñanza o será el juzgamiento final de la raza humana