In the first digital session in the history of Congress, the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation unanimously sanctioned initiatives that protect workers who are facing the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

At the close of the session where the exemption of earnings for all essential workers and the creation of a health protection program for health personnel was affirmatively voted, the block chief of the Front of All, Máximo Kirchner, stressed: “We have that putting flesh-and-blood people at the center of the State’s action who in the most marginal neighborhoods are having a really bad time. It is up to all of us to get ahead in this. And that’s why we have to learn to take care of each other, give the discussions that lie ahead. It is necessary to think about Argentina not only today but tomorrow and for 10 more years ”.

He also highlighted the political will for dialogue with the opposition, contrary to what happened during the government of former President Mauricio Macri. “With borrowing, for example, no one was ever summoned, the future of many was decided among very few. At that time perhaps the institutions were not that important. It would be interesting because we shouldn’t owe the International Monetary Fund 44 billion dollars, ”he said.

“What we have to think about, and where we have to start looking for coincidences, is not only in this situation that we have to go through, but also in what will happen to this situation,” he explained.

This is how Maximo made reference to the inequalities that hit our compatriots when he remarked: “Many people who never worried about how Argentines lived, now began to worry because they could not quarantine in a state of overcrowding.”

“The question is when hunger will kill the concentration of wealth in Argentina. Because one day this will end and we have to think about how we are going to build a fairer country. How are we going to do to face the future? How are we going to link production with ecology? ”He continued.

In this way, the national deputy for the province of Buenos Aires recalled: “My grandmothers told me:” you have to respect because the old men of today were the young men of yesterday and the young men of today are going to be the old men of tomorrow “. And you know what? When it is my turn to reach their age, I want them to take care of me. Not that it is a fungible value for the economy to start and whoever has to die dies. ”

“Quarantine is caring for people. The quarantine what it implied is that the viral load that our doctors are going to receive is lower. The big problem in the health sector is when the system itself overflows due to the number of patients arriving, ”he defined.

Also, Máximo talked about a problem that the legislators of the left approached him. “The former Stani, today Mondelez, top of the range in a food factory, started producing candy for the workers under the title of essential industry workers. He produced as much as possible, he stocked up, that is, he produced with the current value to sell who knows when all those goodies, and he lowered the wages of the workers, suspending the activity. ” To continue referring: “The government had wrongly approved this agreement. I hope that is corrected. I have no problem saying these things. I do not want to regret defending those we have to defend here. It cannot be that they are always the first. This time the first time has to be the people ”.

To conclude, Máximo exclaimed: “If there is a lot of pressure and if the President and the Head of Government feel pressure from the economic groups to open up to whatever happens, without having people in the middle, they should know that they have us to endure that pressure and preserve what we have to preserve which is the life of the people. ”